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How Does Cityhive Work?

It’s simple. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to:

* Register Vacancies
* Determine Incentives
* Notify Residents
* Get Referrals ("Leads")
* Manage Leads

Want more? You’ll get 24/7 account management, total control of incentive options and instant tenant notifications.

Cityhive Landlord Managing Listings
Cityhive Landlord Helped Onboarding
Step 1: Get Set Up


Easily register your building’s vacancies, and notify your tenants with Cityhive.

Step 2: Determine Incentives

Reward Residents

Offer compelling incentives and reward these residents who make successful referrals. Rental discounts, cash, gift cards, you name it ...

Cityhive Landlord Showing Referral Units
Step 3: Notify Residents

Vacancy Alerts

Notify residents as soon as vacancies become available.

Cityhive Building Manager Easy Vacancies Listings
Step 4: Manage Vacancies

Available 24/7

Our platform is accessible all day, from any device. Update vacancies, view referrals and reward residents all from Cityhive.

Step 5: Manage (Leads) Database

Contact Leads

Easily and conveniently manage leads from one place.