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The best way to get great new neighbors is to refer great people, and your landlord knows the best way to get great residents is through your referrals. Cityhive makes it easy for you to connect your landlord with new residents - and to get rewarded in the process.

How to get started? Let us know about your building! When they sign up, you'll receive a $100 VISA Gift Card as a reward.*

Cityhive landlord referral rewards program

What is Cityhive?

Cityhive is a platform where landlords incentive residents to refer their network of people to vacant apartments and where residents can make such referrals and track rewards.

Here's how you get your gift card:

1. Fill out Our Form

Give us some quick details about you and your building.

2. Check Your Email

Once your building has signed up, we will notify you and send a gift card.

3. Enjoy Your Gift Card

Keep an eye out for Cityhive in your building to earn even more rewards!

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Launching September 2019

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* Limit to one Gift Card per building on a first come, first serve basis.